Online Slots and Betting Systems

Online casino gaming is an extremely popular pastime on the Internet. Although the first true online casino was developed only in 1994, approximately 17 years after the beginning of the World Wide Web itself, the number of casino sites has mushroomed since then. Online casinos offer a full roster of the games you’d expect to find in a well equipped land based casino. However, despite the appeal of poker, roulette, bingo and the rest, online slots are the most preferred game. The reason can be summed up in one word … jackpots. Only slots give you the opportunity to win an enormous, life-changing payout literally from one second to the next. You may wonder if a betting system would improve your chances at the jackpot. Why not take a closer look at the facts?

Systems From Land Based Casinos

Online gamers have attempted to transplant betting systems from the land based casino scene. One example entails doubling your bet after each losing play, with the idea that a losing streak must be followed by a win, and a large enough wager will ensure that you will win big. This does have some success in roulette games, for which it was originally developed, but online slots are a different story, due to both the limits on wager sizes and the fact that slot machine games may take a very long time to pay out. (A progressive slots game pays out its jackpot about once every 6 months.) Another betting system calls for halving your wager after every loss, and then doubling it after every win. This is no more successful with slots games than the first method.

Information on the Internet

You’ll find many more online betting systems on the Net. Many of them are even up for sale, which proves they are money makers … for the fellow who’s selling the system! You’d be better off saving your money for actually playing the games, instead of just reading about them. One source of information from the Internet that could truly make a difference to your gaming is the charts that detail major jackpots available from the various slot machine games online. These will help you to decide which games you want to invest in, if you enjoy placing large wagers in hopes of a giant jackpot.

Maximizing Your Game

The word “enjoy” is a very important one in any article about online casino gaming. There is no strategy in the world that ensures you will achieve a jackpot at online slots, or even that you will win more than you lose. However, you definitely can make sure that you enjoy the play. Choose games that are fun for you, set a gaming budget in advance and stick to it, and if you are lucky enough to win, quit while you are ahead.