Live Casino Games

A successful online casino has a lot to offer you. It replicates the glamorous atmosphere and thrills of a great land based casino, while giving you privacy and convenience. You can play all your old favorites, like keno and roulette, at whatever hour suits you without having to travel anywhere You have the option of playing multi-player games or gaming alone, competing only against the house. But the best online casinos want to make a great experience even better. They are always coming up with ways to add still more excitement and realism to their websites. One of the most interesting to date is live online casino games.

What are Live Games?

Live online casino games are table games, such as blackjack and poker, that take place in real time with a live dealer in a land based casino. The action is brought to the players’ computer screens via webcam video streaming technology. This increases the feeling that you are right there in the luxurious casino ambience. You also have the advantage of actually seeing the cards being shuffled or the roulette wheel being spun, adding to your confidence that the game is being conducted fairly. Of course, the best casinos make sure to hire very attractive young ladies as dealers, adding to the pleasure of your gaming experience. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can communicate with both the dealer and the other players, for a very sociable time.

Get ready to Play

To take part in live dealer casino games, you will need a high speed Internet connection, in order to view the live video without any “freezes” or other delay. (A microphone and webcam are optional but not required.) You must also complete the registration process at your chosen casino, and deposit to your casino account using one of the approved methods of payment. It is recommended that you get familiar with the whole online gaming experience by first trying out some of the download or online Flash games. This will prepare you for the fast-paced action of the live version. There are even free games available that you can test play to hone your skills. If you have any technical issues playing online or any questions about the games, you may contact customer support 24/7, by instant message, telephone or email.

Types of Live Casino Games

Just about any type of casino game that involves a dealer, croupier or caller can be played live online. As a general rule, online gamers tend to prefer the same games that are most popular in land based casinos. Old standbys including baccarat, poker and even bingo are still hits with the younger generation and are offered live in the best online casinos today. All these games, played live, will give you the same fun and sociability enjoyed in land based casinos, with cool jackpots as the most awesome part of the picture.